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General Science

These are sites that are devoted to General science.  These might be most useful for elementary and middle school teachers and students. 


General science

These are sites devoted to science in general and specifically.

  1. "General Science Resources" links to everything science.

  2. "Science and Health Site" another page of links to everything science.

  3. "Huge List of Sites About Sci and Tech" great site for general science links.

  4. "Dictionary of Science Quotations

  5.  "Science of Sports" great site to incorporate reality into education.

  6. "Online Scientific Calculator" easy to use.

General Science Chemistry Earth Science Life Science Physics


This is my passion of course, but I haven't included everything here...yet.  I will expand this section quite a bit also.  Here you can find several websites devoted to Chemistry Education. 

[Homework Helpers] [General Chemistry Links] [Periodic Tables

Homework helpers

If you need chemistry help try these sites first.

  1. "Tons of Chemistry Tutorials" if you can't find it here then you can't find it.

  2. "Mr. Guch's Chemistry Site" a great Chemistry teacher's website.

  3. "Chemistry Education Site" a very basic chemistry learning website.

  4. "Chemistry Textbook" a thinkquest hyertextbook.

  5. "Chemistry Tutor" a thinkquest tutoring website.

  6. "A Chemistry Hypermedia Project" mostly textbased guide to learning chemistry.

  7. "Tutorials on Math used in Chemistry" this site has presentations online to cover some of the math used in Chemistry class to solve problems.

  8. "ChemTutor" another categorically organized tutorial site for chemistry.

  9. "ChemMystery" good tutorial site.


General chemistry links

These are sites that contain all things chemistry.

  1. "Chemistry Links Galore" High School Hub website.

  2. "Erik's Chemistry Site" a man with a little too much time on his hands, but great site.

  3. "About.Com's Chemistry Site" tons of resources, already discovered by someone else.

  4. "Chem.Net" site of professional Chemist based websites. 

  5. "Chemfinder" site to search for information on chemicals.

  6. "NIST Chemistry Book" reference database

  7. "Material Safety Data Sheets" from UK.

  8. "Chemistry MegaSites" Chemie.de, Chemdex.org, and Yahoo.

  9. "Kiwi Web" sites organized by students.

  10. "The Catalyst" is a searchable website for secondary education.

  11. "ChemmyBear.com" site of resources.

  12. "The Science Center" your guide to science resources on the web.

  13. "ACS ChemCenter"

  14. "CyberChem" sites compiled by a chemistry professor.

Periodic tables

These are sites that are fully functional periodic tables online.

  1. "WebElements" probably the best periodic table on the internet today.

  2. "Chemicool" pretty good periodic table.

  3. "Comic Book Periodic Table" really cool periodic table, designed by UK.

  4. "Chemical Elements"

  5. "Pearl Periodic Table" is possibly the best organized and useful free periodic table on the internet today.

General Science Chemistry Earth Science Life Science Physics

Earth Science

These are sites that are devoted to learning about Earth Science.  These links might help track down some resources for information about geology, meteorology, and astronomy. 

[Meteorology] [Geology] [Astronomy]



These are sites that are great for learning about forecasting and weather.


  1. "Great Weather Site" this has everything you might need for weather information.

  2. "Global Climate" good site to find out about the climates around the world

  3. "Weather Channel" the weather channel

  4. "USA Today Weather" great graphics and explanations of weather topics.

  5. "Advanced Weather" this is the most comprehensive weather site I've ever seen.



These are sites that are great for learning about the earth and its composition.


  1. "Volcanoes" this is a great thinkquest site devoted to volcanoes.

  2. "Minerals Encyclopedia" great site for all things minerals.

  3. "Yahoo's Geology Sites" great list of links devoted to geology.

  4. "US Geological Survey" website with information devoted to the United States' geology.

  5. "Geology Basics" about.com's geology basics articles.

  6. "Geology.com" as long as it lasts, it's a great site.



These are sites that are great for learning about the universe.


  1. "NASA" you have to start with the best

  2. "Journey to Jupiter" fascinating journey to the planet through the Galileo telescope.

  3. "Topics in Astronomy" great hypertext format collection of topics dealing with astronomy.

  4. "Trip to a Blackhole" a virtual look at the theoretical phenomenon.

  5. "Imagine the Universe" a glimpse into the mysteries of the universe.

  6. "Yahoo's Astronomy links" listed by topics

  7. "Astronomy Myths" a site devoted to debunking astronomical myths and misunderstandings

  8. "Astronomy Picture of the Day" get a picture every day.

General Science Chemistry Earth Science Life Science Physics
Life Science

These are sites that are devoted to biology type learning.  There are anatomy links and biology links that might be useful. 

[Anatomy] [Biology


These are sites that are interesting if you're into anatomy.

  1. "Gray's Human Anatomy" great resource for human anatomy.

  2. "Human Anatomy and Automobile Anatomy" that's right automobile anatomy.

  3. "Neuroscience" great site for neuroscience studies.

  4. "Yahoo Anatomy Resources"

  5. "About.com Anatomy Page" great list of anatomy links.


These are sites that are great for learning biology.

  1. "Biology Tutorial Site" great tutorial site.

  2. "Interactive Cell Website" thinkquest site on the cell

  3. "Virtual Frog Dissecting Site" excellent site 

  4. "The Yuckiest Site on the Internet"

  5. "Senses" biology through the senses.

  6. "The Gene School" great thinkquest site for gene education.

  7. "Kid Biology Site" Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious children to study biology.

  8. "About.Com's biology links"

  9. "Ocean Explorer"

  10. "Crocodile Hunter" Crikey...what a great website for learning about crocodiles.

General Science Chemistry Earth Science Life Science Physics

These are sites that are devoted to Physics resources for educational and entertainment purposes.  


These are sites that are great for learning Physics.

  1. "Physics Educational Website"  great site

  2. "Fizzics Fizzle" thinkquest website that is a great take on physics.

  3. "Wonderful Optical Illusions

  4. "Physics Tutorial"

  5. "How Stuff Works" great site!

  6. "How Things Work"

  7. "Physics2000" great mulitmedia website

  8. "Great List of Physics Links"

  9. "About.com's Physics Links"

  10. "Constant Values" current values for physical constants used in equations

  11. "Physlink" Guide to physics on the web.

  12. "Physics Applets" From Davidson

  13. "Applet Search" Search for physics applets here.

  14. "Physics Classroom" Physics classroom at Glenbrook...a supersite for physics.

  15. "Mechanics Course Online"

  16. "KET Distance Learning" Good review site.

  17. "Schoolscience" Good science site.

  18. "BrainPop" Science related cartoon movies.

General Science Chemistry Earth Science Life Science Physics